Fruit of the Earth Natural Health

America’s first cbd store
Established 2014 
100% organic, Eco-packaged CBD, made with love in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico

30% off original formula salves!

1oz Rose Salve, 1oz Unscented Salve, and 2oz Cedar Pine Salve

*New Formulas (500mg and 1000mg CBD) are not eligible for sale*


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New Arrivals!

S.O.S Herbal CBD Tincture

Mitigate Drug Withdrawal WITHOUT the Side Effects!

Defend Herbal CBD Tincture

Helps Reduce Viral Replication and Entry into Cells!

Rest Well Herbal CBD Tincture

Now More CBD and Terpenes Added!
Get to Sleep, Stay Asleep.

What Makes Fruit of the Earth CBD
The Best CBD?

If you’ve used our products in the past, we’re certain you’ve Felt the Difference between FotE CBD and other over the counter CBDs, 

But what makes us so special? 


We put our organic CBD through a Proprietary Micronization Process.
This reduces the particle size to roughly a micron –– small enough to enter the cell walls for greater absorption.

The bioavailability of regular ingestible CBD is roughly 6-12%, so if you swallow 20mg of CBD, only
2-3mg may be all that is absorbed by your body.

Micronization makes ingestible CBD a full 7–10 times more bioavailable!

With your body absorbing almost all of the CBD you ingest, this means you get a greater effect with a lesser dose.

More Effective for Your Body, More Effective for Your Budget.

This Month’s Best Sellers

900mg Full Spectrum CBD

Effective for Physical Discomforts, Stress, Wellness, and more!

Happy Body Herbal CBD Tincture

Best Selling Support for Body Aches and Soreness

Lavender CBD Salve

Fast-Acting Topical for Localized Discomfort

Fruit of the Earth Natural Health is committed to supporting our Beautiful Planet

Our Products Are:

Always Small Batch
Always Hand Crafted
Always Third-Party Tested
Always, Always, Always Organic
Always Sourced from Conscious Partners
Always Packaged with Eco-Friendly Materials


For every CBD Purchase you make, we plant a tree on your behalf – that’s over 100,000 trees to date!


Under the Radar


CBD Massage & Body Oil

Smooth and Potent Herb Infused CBD for Ultimate Relaxation

Broad Spectrum CBD

Get the benefits of cannabinoids with all traces of THC removed

Furry Friends

Love CBD for you? CBD will improve and impact your pet’s life too!

Thank You All  


We would be nothing without the love and support from our Natural Health Family, 
So here, we would just like to thank you. 


Thank you for being here. 

Thank you for caring about yourself. 

Thank you for your open heart and open mind, 

and Thank you for having us alongside your journey. 

You are truly an indispensable part of our lives. We cherish and love each and every one of you.



If you ever have any questions, areas of concern, or would like place an order over the phone, please call 505-820-0058.