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About Micronization:

TECHNIQUE: Micronization is essentially particle size reduction. CBD is lipophilic (affinity for fats and oils) molecule that tends to clump together. These clumps are often too big to be easily bioavailable and provide the most benefit.

Micronizing takes the clumps of CBD molecules and breaks them apart in order to produce micron-sized molecule structures. These very small structures are then suspended in olive oil so that they remain separated without the use of natural or chemically derived surfactants or emulsifiers.

*Note, we never utilize surfactants in our formulations as they are often created chemically and are potentially harmful on the micronized level*

BIOAVAILABILITY: Bio-availability is the degree and rate at which molecules such as CBD and other cannabinoids are absorbed into the bloodstream. When the body is able to absorb more, the therapeutic effect of CBD is quicker, more potent, and less is needed.

Because our bodies are mostly made up of water, micronization has been used by the pharmaceutical industry for decades to decrease the size of an oil-soluble material’s particles size, resulting in increased bio-availability.

The size of cells in a human body range anywhere from about 4 microns all the way up to 100 microns. For example, a red blood cell has a standard size of about 5 to 8 microns. Skin cells average around 20 to 40 microns, while a nerve cell can be 100 microns. Fruit of the Earth Natural Health micronized products range from about 1 to 20 microns and are easily absorbed by the body.

Micronization takes clumps of CBD molecules and makes them much smaller while evenly dispersing them in the carrier oil. Micronized CBD, taken orally or topically, is small enough to easily enter the bloodstream and interact with receptor sites thus making it far more effective. With our formulations, you can be confident knowing that all ingredients are organic, surfactant-free and sized small enough for the highest bio-availiabity to assist you in your pursuit of wellness.


The micronization of CBD within the CBD industry is a new procedure that reduces the particle size of the clumped CBD. This process has been utilized in the pharmaceutical industry for decades to increase bio-availability.

The stability of micronization in our CBD tincture products has been observed for up to 1 year, unrefrigerated. The stability depends upon how tinctures are stored, if they are stored in a cool dry environment they will last longer than if they are stored in direct heat or light. Cold storage in a fridge will allow the tincture to remain micronized and shelf stable the longest. It is our recommendation that tinctures be used within two years of purchase as this is the shelf life for the olive oil base of the CBD tinctures.

Here we have a CBD crystal before micronization.  It length is approximately 30 microns.

After micronization, the size of the CBD crystals have been reduced to between 1 and 5 microns and have remained stable and separated due to the viscosity of the olive oil.