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With CBD, as with any other medication, every person is different and there is no one size fits
all for dosage.

Every person has a different sensitivity, different metabolism and ability to
absorb, a different body weight, and many other factors.

This guide is intended only to help
give you a starting point from which to explore what works best for you. You can’t hurt
yourself with CBD. If you have exceeded what your body needs sleepiness may be experienced,
unless of course sleep is your goal!

CBD for Anxiety: 10 – 20mg is a good starting dose to help ease anxiety, with a higher starting
point for peak stress or panic. Take more if needed, or when needed.

CBD for Pain/Inflammation: 15 – 30mg is a good starting dose for pain. Feel free to take more
as needed, and you’ll discover for yourself at what threshold you become sleepy, so you can
stay just beneath that threshold if that isn’t desired.

CBD for Chronic Conditions: Dosing is usually much greater for more serious conditions, so
dose could range between 20 – 120mg.
*Cancer patients for example often need very high
doses to fulfill the body’s need for cannabinoids, and will not get sleepy at higher doses,
whereas a healthier person might go right to sleep with that same dosage.


Feel free to experiment with higher doses to find what your body needs, with sleepiness generally a good indicator that you’ve reached your threshold.

Try Topically: 3 – 15 drops on base of neck, spine, behind the ears, and on affected areas (not
applied directly on open wounds).