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A selection of premium organic formulations using our proprietary micronization technology, making them 7-10 times more bioavailable. Less goes further, and you can truly FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!

Full Spectrum Micronized formulas include C02 extracted organic full spectrum CBD, organic olive oil (most permeable to the cells), organic turmeric, and organic ginger.

Micronized CBD Isolate – Micronization produces reduced CBD particle size with more bioavailability using CBD Isolate, a crystalline form of pure CBD with all other cannabinoids, terpenes and THC removed.  

Micronized Broad Spectrum offers all the benefits of full spectrum oil, which includes many other cannabinoids and terpenes, but with all detectable THC removed. 

Micronized Herbal Tinctures –
Our condition specific herbal blends are the only CO2 herbal extractions on the market, CO2 extraction being the strongest extraction process available.  Couple these with 400mg of organic CBD and micronize together and you have the most powerful tinctures on the market – greater potency and greater bioavailability.  FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!

Brand new Micronized Topicals! We have taken our already famous topical line and made them even more effective with now CO2 extracted herbs and micronization of both the herbs and CBD for greatly enhanced absorption. FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!