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MICROBOTANICA, 6000mg Full Spectrum, 2 oz bottle


6000mg 2oz CBD

Full Spectrum CBD

Microbotanica’s new 6000mg, 2oz bottle is an option for the frequent users of our micronized


Designed for our value-minded customers

*Same dosing guidelines as 3,000mg, but will last you twice as long!



Full Spectrum CBD includes all cannabinoids on the cannabinoid wheel. This means that in addition to the benefits of CBD, you are also receiving the benefits of:

CBN – Great sleep and relaxation aid

CBG – Excellent anti-bacterial and anti-viral, as well as pain relief

4 Molecules of THC – Stimulates endo-cannabinoids for relaxation that CBD does not!
(All products contain less than .3% THC)

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Unflavored, Citrus