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MICROBOTANICA 900mg Micronized Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, 1oz.

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Broad Spectrum CBD has been filtered so that all the various valuable cannabinoids remain, while removing as much THC as possible. For those of us who desire the “entourage” effect but need the comfort of knowing there’s as little THC as possible in this hemp based oil.



Like full spectrum, CBD oil labeled BROAD SPECTRUM uses cannabidiol (CBD) with all the other compounds found in hemp. Broad spectrum CBD retains several of the different cannabinoids, such as CBN and CBG. Even though broad spectrum CBD shares similarities with the full spectrum, it still has that one primary difference that separates it from the others – it uses compounds from the whole hemp plant minus the THC. Without THC content, broad spectrum CBD is particularly useful for people who want the benefits of full spectrum CBD with fewer worries about THC accumulating within their system from daily use, like those who undergo random drug testing for their work. Our proprietary micronization process reduces the particle size of ingredients close to a micrometer, enabling better solubility and absorption. Micronization makes ingestible CBD a full 7–10 times more bioavailable. This means you can get a greater effect with a lesser dose – more effective for your body, more cost effective for your budget.

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Unflavored, Citrus

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Sanjiv Manifest

We get CBD oil and salve regularly from CBD Store. This time we had to order & ship to Las Vegas - and needed it within a few days.

Courtney was GREAT ... despite it being a "non-shipping" she helped and ensured the order would be shipped the next day AND with expedited shipping courtesy of the store (we'd bought over$100 which is zero for standard shipping). She understood our time-urgency (we give the oil to our shar-pei furry child every day) and the expedited shipping ensured the oil arrived the day we ran out without undue additional shipping cost. We are deeply grateful for such gracious understanding and generous service.

We've been going to the store since 2017 and always have a GREAT experience thanks to everyone there : Myka was the very 1st to serve us and she's always been GREAT too ...

THANK YOU !!! .... Highly & Wholeheartedly recommend this place.