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MICROBOTANICA- Micronized Broad Spectrum CBD, 900mg


Broad Spectrum CBD has been filtered so that all the various valuable cannabinoids remain, while removing as much THC as possible. For those of us who desire the “entourage” effect but need the comfort of knowing there’s as little THC as possible in this hemp based oil.


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Our proprietary micronization process reduces the particle size of ingredients close to a micrometer, enabling better solubility and absorption. The bioavailability of regular ingestible CBD is roughly 13-19%, so if you swallow 20mg of CBD, only 3mg may actually make it into your blood to have an effect. Micronization makes ingestible CBD a full 7–10 times more bioavailable. This means you can get a greater effect with a lesser dose – more effective for your body, more cost effective for your budget.

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